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Anda JinesAnda Jines is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor at Hoover & Associates, a group practice of mental health professionals, located in Tinley Park, IL, southwest of Chicago.

708-429-6999, ext. 229

Welcome to my website about mental health and counseling services, individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy.  My practice focuses on adults age 18 to 64.

Much Needed Support at a Difficult Time

When you’re going through a difficult time, you may feel that it’s all you can do to just take the next step.  The struggles in life can sometimes feel very discouraging and overwhelming.  Therapy can be very helpful in providing much needed support and encouragement at times like these, to help you achieve more comfort and stability.

Growing Through Life’s Difficulties

Counseling can also help you to take things one step further, and turn life’s difficulties into opportunities for learning and growth.  Struggles often force us to take pause and to examine our lives, our relationships and our efforts at coping.  Counseling at such a difficult time can help you to understand what’s going on, how you got there, and what you need in order to cope more effectively.  Counseling can help you to approach your difficulties consciously and deliberately, rather than resorting to your usual automatic defense mechanisms.

Moving Toward Your Personal Potential

If you can take advantage of this opportunity to persevere, to grow in your insight and understanding, and to develop healthier behaviors, then you can use your struggle as a stepping stone toward your personal potential.  This sort of striving, learning and growing is one of the things that gives life purpose and meaning.  You may find ways not only to survive, but to thrive… not just to be comfortable, but also to find happiness, joy, satisfaction  and fulfillment.

My Goals as a Counselor

My goal is to help you get through your struggle, learn from it, better understand your difficulties, cope more effectively, improve your relationships, and to help you move your life in a positive direction.

I always strive to provide a warm and accepting therapeutic environment, with guidance and encouragement to examine yourself honestly and to make changes when necessary… in order to help you move toward your dreams of a more comfortable, satisfying and meaningful life.

My Areas of Focus

I am especially interested in helping people with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, life transitions, medical stress and caregiving.  I have 15 years of experience, working with a wide variety of additional diagnoses and issues, from the most severe to the relatively subtle.

I believe in the power of talk therapy to make a profound and positive difference in people’s lives.

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Are you looking for a therapist?

If you’d like expert guidance for improving your mood, managing anxiety or anger, dealing with relationships, managing your stress, or coping with the stress of illness, I’m here to help.  We all experience some good times and some bad.  If you feel overwhelmed with life’s stressors, your relationships or emotions, then you might want to consider therapy.  It helps to have someone kind to talk to, who won’t be judgmental, and who will help you think things through.  As a counselor, that is my role in life; and I am grateful for the opportunity to help.

I know it can be difficult to find the right therapist for you.  I hope to make that decision easier, by giving you a chance to get to know me a little bit through this website.  The tabs above can lead you to more information about mental health and my services.

If you’re looking for mental health services in Chicago’s southwest suburbs, call 708-429-6999, ext. 229 to set up an appointment or to ask questions. Or you can e-mail me.

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