10 Immunity Boosters


The mind-body connection

It is important to remember that the mind and the body are connected and affect each other.  Often, people struggling with emotions tend to neglect their physical health.  When they feel overwhelmed and distracted by stress and problems, they pay less attention to nutrition, sleep, exercise, and illness prevention; while often also adding the burden of alcohol or drugs for their bodies to process.

Reducing emotional vulnerability

Is it any surprise when someone, who is hung over, sleepy, hungry, and achy, becomes irritable or angry?  It’s obvious when all these factors are combined, but each one alone also has an impact on your emotions.   One way to prevent your vulnerability to negative emotions, is to minimize these physical vulnerability factors.

This would include getting balanced sleep, eating a balanced and nutritious diet, exercising, avoiding substance use and other toxins, as well as preventing or attending to physical illness.  Much could be (and has been) written about each of these.  For now, I will focus on two of these tips:  eating a balanced and nutritious diet, and preventing physical illness.

Boosting Immunity

Not all illnesses are preventable, but taking good care of yourself can boost your immunity, and reduce your likelihood of catching a cold or flu.  One way to boost your immunity, is by eating the right foods.  Here is list of 10 immunity boosters to get you started.  You’ll probably find that some are already in your diet… and it won’t hurt to add a few more next time you go to the grocery store.

So next time you feel stressed and emotionally on-edge, remember that good self-care can help.  Rather than neglecting your health at those times, consider shifting your focus to something positive, like making a healthy, nutritious meal.  Not only could you boost your immune system, but you could create an opportunity for relaxation, sharing, soothing, and enjoyment.  Plus you would be sending yourself a mesage that your health and wellbeing is a priority, and that you are worth taking good care of… not to mention the good example this would set for your kids (if you have any).  Keep in mind, though, that part of good self-care is keeping your diet balanced, and not overeating.

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