Assessment of Older Adults


I attended the second in a series of six workshops on geropsychology (psychology of older adults) in downtown Chicago yesterday.

Neuropsychological Assessments of Older Adults

The focus of this workshop was neuropsycholgoical assessment of older adults.  It was interesting to learn about, although I do not offer these assessments myself.  It gave me a clearer sense of how such assessments can be used, what they can determine, and when I should reffer my clients to have a neuropsychological assessment.  Generally speaking, these assessments can help pinpoint specific areas of functioning that may have been affected by a biological problem in the brain.  They can shed light on the source of a client’s problem, and a client’s competency, needs, risks, impairment, memory, diagnosis, and more.

As for my direct treatment of clients, I learned of several quick and simple screening instruments I can use to help me decide whether a referral for further testing is necessary.

In addition to discussing assessment of older adults, we also reviewed the basics of neurology and physiology and, more specifically, neurological and physiological changes that happen with age.  This gave me warning signs to look for, which would indicate the possibility of particular problems an aging client might face.  It helped me differentiate normal aging from illness, and also raised my awareness of the numerous difficulties older adults have to deal with (and how stressful they can be).

Overall it was an interesting and useful workshop.

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