Cloud Watching Relaxation


Simple Relaxation

Do you remember, when you were a kid, laying in the grass, looking up at the clouds?  What a peaceful memory… what a simple way to relax.  Many of the relaxation exercises I see and use are much more elaborate, scripted, with music and “procedures.”  But I have always come back to the simplest relaxation techniques in my own day to day use.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Mindful breathing and deep breathing are two other very simple relaxation techniques.  You always have your breath with you, and you can always use it to ground yourself, re-connect with the moment, and trigger the relaxation response.  Of course, you can combine gazing at the clouds with deep breathing very easily.

My Favorite Combination

The most peaceful scene I have experienced combines gazing and clouds, deep breathing and floating in water.  There was a beautiful lake in southern Illinois, lake Kinkaid, with a few trails following its shores.  I used to walk my dog there.  Every once in a while I went far enough to reach a secluded spot perfect for swimming.  I would float on my back in the water, breathing slowly, deeply, using my breath as a flotation device, and just watching the clouds.  Having my ears be underwater added a special muffling effect that I found very soothing.  Although I cannot go there now, I can still visit that spot in my imagination.  I will always remember it.

Cloud Relaxation

Here is a short video about watching clouds for relaxation.  This video is intended to be watched in the morning.  As you listen to the description of the experience, let yourself imagine being there with all your senses.  Relax, and enjoy…

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