Coming Soon: Better Medicare Support for Mental Health


Plans to Improve Reimbursement for Mental Health Services

Amidst all the debate about health care reform, psychologists have been striving for parity.  Although mental health care has in many was been accepted as legitimate and important, Medicare as well as many other insurance programs, have thus far often reimbursed mental health services at a much lower percentage than other health services.

On Jan. 1, Medicare will gradually begin reimbursing for mental health treatment the same way it reimburses for care of cancer or kidney disease.

The current policy, as old as Medicare itself, treats mental illness differently from physical illness, a discrepancy that discourages elderly patients from seeking help for psychiatric problems.

Medicare generally pays participating physicians 80 percent of its allowed charge per visit or procedure, with the beneficiary responsible for the remaining 20 percent. The exception? If that participating professional is a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist, Medicare reimburses only… (click here to read entire article)

Anda Jines MS LCPC offers mental health counseling services in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, in Tinley Park (60477); near Orland Park, Oak Forest, Palos Heights, Mokena, and Frankfort.

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