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The Monitor had an interesting article in February, complete with links to ten psychology podcast sources.  If you prefer to hear about psychology rather than reading, you might find them pretty interesting.

By Sadie F. Dingfelder

Monitor on Psychology

February 2010, Vol 41, No. 2

What has television networks and radio executives running scared? Podcasting, the relatively new way to broadcast audio and video through iPods and other portable music players.

Since 2006, when Apple incorporated podcasts into iTunes, these easy-to-download audio and music files have grown rapidly in popularity, leading many media experts to predict they will eventually eclipse cable television and radio waves.

Part of podcasts’ allure is their portability — people can watch television programs while commuting or play their favorite National Public Radio program on a walk. “You can listen or watch when it’s convenient for you,” says Dani McKinney, PhD, a psychology professor at SUNY Fredonia, who studies podcasts and other forms of educational technology.

While people are mostly downloading music and television shows, educational podcasts are also gaining popularity, McKinney says. By recording their talks as podcasts, professors are lecturing to broader audiences than they ever imagined. Taking it a step further, some psychologists are producing shows with interviews, transition music and even advertising. One such program,

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