Our Need for Beauty


We need beauty in our lives

I don’t see this written about very much, but I firmly believe that we all need beauty in our lives.  You may encounter it accidentally, as when happening to notice a particularly beautiful sunset or landscape; but generally I think most of us could do more to seek it out.  As with any positive experiences, we need to do our part in reaching out towards beauty, as well as recognizing, acknowledging and appreciating it once we do encounter it.

It may be with any of our senses, especially sound and sight, or it may be with our minds or hearts that we perceive beauty.  I encounter it on my nature walks, in listening to music, in witnessing kindness, and in contemplating the universe, among others.  When is the last time you intentionally sought out beauty?  Perhaps you do it every day, even in small ways like appreciating the perfectly balanced cup of tea.  Did you know that research has found that people who notice the sky more tend to be happier people?  It’s something so simple… so accessible.

Of course, one of the wonderful things about beauty, is when you can share it with someone.  Therefore, here are a few moments of beauty for all of you:

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