Relax to the Sounds of Nature


One of the best gifts my parents ever gave me is an appreciation for nature, and a habit of going for walks in beautiful places.  I still remember snapshots of our hikes in Poland, and of course everywhere else we’ve lived.

Tuning in to the Moment

I find that being in nature is one of the most relaxing things I can do.  It’s relaxing to stretch my limbs after a day in the office, to breathe in the forest scents and scenes, and to feel the coolness of a light breeze overlapping with the warmth of the sun.  But I notice the beauty most when I tune in to the sounds around me, especially the sounds of birds or water.  It’s a soothing way to tune in to the present moment, and to put the planning, problem solving, and worries of the daily grind on hold.

10 Minute Break

But I don’t always have the time to go there… or it might be too cold, rainy or dark (especially here in the Chicago area).  When I need a few minutes of relaxation, but can’t go for a walk, I can use my imagination.  A little help from a soundtrack like this makes it even easier.

I recommend that you close your eyes as you listen to this; and picture yourself in nature where these sounds came from.  Use your imagination to layer all your senses over these sounds.  What do you see… smell?  Can you taste the fresh air or clean water?  What objects or textures can you touch? Let your imagination envelop you completely in these sound-scapes.

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