I currently accept:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Aetna PPO, Cigna PPO, Magellan, and United Behavioral Health.
  • out of network coverage from other PPOs
  • direct payment (cash, credit, check)
  • sliding scale cash rates through the Family Education Center
  • and I have one pro bono client at any given time

If You Have Insurance

How it usually works

If you have insurance, then your insurance company determines how much I can charge.  This is called the “usual and customary” fee.  The insurance company then pays a certain percentage of that amount (depending on your plan), and you pay the rest.  However, depending on your plan, you may also have a deductible that you have to pay each year before insurance coverage kicks in, and/or you may have a co-payment.

Confirming Insurance Coverage

The practice I work with, Hoover & Associates, will check on your insurance coverage before you come in, and we will let you know what your insurance company tells us to expect.  However, that information is not a guarantee of payment, and sometimes insurance companies end up processing a session differently than they initially told us.  You may want to call your insurance company yourself, and ask them a few questions.  Tell them that you are seeking outpatient mental health services, and ask them these questions:

  1. “Do I need pre-authorization?”  (If so, ask them how to do this.)
  2. “Do I have to pay a deductible?”  (If so, ask them how much you will need to pay before coverage kicks in.)
  3. “Do I have to pay co-insurance or a co-pay; and what would that amount be?”  (This is what you would pay out of pocket for each session after your deductible is met.)
  4. You might also want to make sure that they don’t sub-contract mental health coverage out to another company, in which case I may be out of network after all.


If you have any questions regarding fees or payment, please feel free to call me at 708-429-6999, ext. 229

Anda Jines MS LCPC offers mental health counseling services in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, in Tinley Park, IL (60477); near Orland Park, Oak Forest, Orland Hills, Palos Heights, Mokena, and Frankfort. Click here for more about Anda Jines MS LCPC. Click here for more about Hoover & Associates.

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