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Carl Jung’s Red Book Revealed

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Carl Jung

Carl Jung is a well known and influential thinker in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.  I tend to think of him especially in relation to his notion of archetypes.  Archetypes are a kind of psychological prototype.  A collective unconscious idea, pattern of thought, or image, present accross cultures, in individual psyches.

Carl Jung’s Red Book

One of the ways that this Swiss psychologist explored his unconscious, is by making entries in his “red book” over the course of 16 years.  These entries included writing as well as intricate symbolic drawings.  This book, which was only recently made public, is considered by some as a great scientific work, and by others as rather controversial and unscientific.

First showing for Jung’s Red Book

Psychologist Carl Jung’s Red Book, regarded as the science’s most important unpublished work, has gone on public display for the first time.

The mammoth volume, illustrated by Jung, is being shown at the Rubin Museum in New York until 25 January.  (click here for more about the First showing of Jung’s Red Book)

Myths of the Mind

What would you give to see inside the mind of one of the last century’s great psychological thinkers?

As World War I raged through Europe, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung embarked on a somewhat psychedelic journey of self-exploration.

The sometimes disturbing voyage into his own unconscious laid the foundations for theories which came to rival those of his teacher, Sigmund Freud.  (click here for more about the controversial aspects of Jung’s Book)

In pictures: Carl Jung’s Red Book

Take a closer look at the illustrations in Carl Jung’s Red Book.  Fascinating!  They appear to me more mystical than scientific, but they certainly do make me wonder about the symbolism and meaning behind them.

Carl Jung Video

See also my previous post with a video on Carl Jung.

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Video: Carl Jung – Matter of Heart

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Carl Jung

Carl Jung

Matter of Heart: Documentary About the Life and Work of Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist born in 1875, started out as one of Sigmund Freud‘s students.  He went on to become a very influential thinker in psychiatry and psychology.

He was a major contributor to the field of depth psychology, which built on Freud’s ideas about the unconscious, ultimately disagreeing with Freud on people’s core needs and motivations.

He contributed and refined many ideas which continue to influence our understanding of the human psyche:

  • complex
  • archetype
  • persona
  • shadow
  • anima and animus
  • personality typology
  • dream interpretation
  • individuation, and many other ideas.

The Jung Page writes:  “He had a deep appreciation of our creative life and considered spirituality a central part of the human journey. His method of interpretation of symbolic expression not only deepens our understanding of personal material, opening the psychodynamics of our personal biographies and dreams, but the deeper, collective patterns which develop within culture as well. In his memoir, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung wrote that meaning comes ‘when people feel they are living the symbolic life, that they are actors in the divine drama. That gives the only meaning to human life; everything else is banal and you can dismiss it. A career, producing of children, are all maya (illusion) compared to that one thing, that your life is meaningful.'”

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.
Carl Jung

Documentary on the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung 1:45:16

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