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Un-Pursued Dreams

I sometimes hear about dreams that people had, that they didn’t pursue because they were told that “you can’t do that for a living.”  It may be starting a business, it may be music, or it may be sports broadcasting.  Please note that these are all things that people do actually do.  It is true that some fields are more competitive than others, but why not try your hand at it and see how well you can do?

The Nay-Sayer’s Good Intentions

The people (often parents) who say “you can’t do that” usually have good intentions.  They don’t want their child to fail.  They’re concerned about their child taking risks and ending up disappointed or in debt.  To this I say that life is full of risks, and as hard as it is to achieve a dream, the last thing an ambitious person needs is for someone to hold them back.  What they really need is guidance in how to face the challenges that their dream entails… support in getting the information they need to start them on their way, and encouragement along a challenging road.

Allowing Your Child Their Own Vision

Perhaps the nay-sayer has a different vision for their child’s future, and doesn’t understand their child’s passion for a specific dream.  To this I say that each person’s life is their own, and that expecting your child to fulfill your dreams or follow your plan is overly controlling.  One important job for parents is to help the child discover their own direction in life, their own talents, their own dreams, and how to pursue them.


This video is a great example of two self-educated artist brothers who pursued their dream despite the messages they heard that “you can’t do that for a living.”  I don’t know where they heard these messages, and it may not have been from their parents.  But their story is nonetheless a great example of pursuing your dreams and interests.  I wish them continued joy in their art work, and hope that their story inspires you to pursue your ambitions and interests as far as you can take them, whether it is as a hobby or as a vocation.

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