Web MD’s Depression Health Check – A Review


A New Depression Screening Tool

You may have seen commercials on TV recently, for Web MD’s depression health check.  They usually show an individual telling their story or describing how they feel, and then direct one to do a screening on WebMD.

Let’s Give It a Test Drive

So I decided to try it out.  I found that Web MD’s screening is very user friendly and easy to use.  It asks you one question at a time, at first, then gives some checklists, and then a few question series; and there’s a progress bar at the bottom, letting you know how much you have completed and how much further there is to go.  It took me less than five minutes to complete.

What Does It Assess?

The screening not only assesses for the emotional criteria of depression, but also checks how much your symptoms have impacted your life, and clearly and concisely assesses for possible medical causes of similar symptoms.  Additionally, it briefly checks how familiar you are with basic coping skills and information about depression, and how motivated you are to do what is recommended to get better.

Any Drawbacks?

The only drawback I noticed was that some of the questions assume that you are in treatment or taking medication, and don’t allow a “not applicable” option for those questions.

Options Once You’re Done

At the end of the screening, Web MD gives you the option of choosing a follow up screening which would be sent to your e-mail at a later time.  Additionally, you have the option of choosing to receive news and information about depression in your e-mail.  However, you do not have to enter your e-mail or any other identifying information if you don’t want to.

You get your results right away, including a section about your health, your well-being, and your knowledge related to depression.  You can print a report for yourself, or you can print a report specially formatted and intended for you to give to your doctor.

I Give It a Thumbs Up

All in all, this looks like a quality screening instrument, and I recommend it if you would like some quick feedback about your symptoms.  It can help you decide whether or not you need to speak with a counselor, and it can offer you useful information about depression.

Take the Screening

To complete this screening go to Web MD’s Depression Health Check.

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